Betsy & Matt

June 22, 2019Saint Paul, MN

The Wedding

Saturday, June 22, 2019
2:30 PM
The Church of St. Louis, King of France
506 Cedar Street, Saint Paul, MN 55101
Como Park Zoo & Conservatory
1225 Estabrook Drive, Saint Paul, MN

Ceremony: 2:30 PM

Cocktail Hour: 6:30 PM

Wedding Party

Emily DeLisle - Maid of Honor
Kelly Towle - Matron of Honor
Amber DeLisle - Bridesmaid
Kathleen Kittridge - Bridesmaid
Ashlee Finn-Bruhn - Bridesmaid
Katie Timm - Bridesmaid
Molly Pichetti - Bridesmaid
Nikki Haas - Bridesmaid
Jojo Gelderman - Bridesmaid
Alice DeLisle - Attendant
Jennie DeLisle - Attendant
Ben Hickman - Usher
Charlie Adams - Usher
Greg Hasse - Best Man
Alex Tollis - Groomsman
Shane Ambler - Groomsman
Dan DeLisle - Groomsman
Tommy DeLisle - Groomsman
Phil Jaworski - Groomsman
Dan Kirkpatrick - Groomsman
Jack Higgins - Groomsman
Tony Pizzimenti - Groomsman
Sara Wyman - Greeter
Libby Scherzer - Greeter
Our Story
Love at First Swipe

We have Old Dominion and Tinder to thank for our love story. We both attended the Old Dominion Concert at the Grizzly Rose, January of 2016. The next day, as we were both feeling a little under the weather, we found ourselves on Tinder. We matched and started messaging each other right away. Upon discovering we both were at the same concert the night before, Betsy made a joke about Matt being one of the guys in plaid (which every guy was wearing) in the background of her photo. Unbeknownst to Betsy, Matt truly was the person standing right behind her. The next line was "No way, if that's you we're getting married!" Turns out, that was Matt and the rest is history.